Clarity in your administrative landscape

Administrative services from a to z

De Ruijter Administratieve Dienstverlening in Heemskerk specializes in keeping track of, checking and arranging all your financial and administrative matters. In order to provide you with personal financial advice, we take your specific financial situation into account. This way we can provide you with expert advice and optimal solutions that apply specifically to you. In addition, we are at your service for numerous tax matters to completely unburden you financially.

Our diverse range of services is fully responsive to your financial situation. Together with you, we create clarity in your administrative landscape. We offer you the following services:

  • Processing the entire administration
  • Conducting payroll administration
  • Preparing the annual accounts
  • Tax returns for entrepreneurs
  • Business and tax advice
  • Income tax return for private individuals

Process your administration digitally?

You can also contact us if you want to keep track of your own administration at De Ruijter Administratieve Dienstverlening. We offer you the opportunity to process your administration completely digitally.

You deliver your bills digitally via email or a handy app. Thanks to Basecone's software and a link with your bank, it is possible to update your administration on a daily or weekly basis. This software gives you real-time insight into the finances of your company. After the digital processing of your administration, you have access to a dashboard where you can view your finances. In addition, you can remind your debtors or make payments to your creditors from this dashboard. This makes your accounting simple and clear.

Online software

De Ruijter Administratieve Dienstverlening in Heemskerk has all the knowledge to work with various online packages. The office also offers the possibility to record your administration yourself in Unit4 BoekhoudGemak. You can start with your own administration within 1 working day. Contact us for more information.